Development of luminescent inorganic nanomaterials

Preparation, structural, morphological and spectroscopic investigation (absorption and luminescence in the spectral regions of the ultraviolet, visible and infrared) of inorganic nanomaterials, also of colloidal nature, activated with luminescent lanthanide ions.


Multifunctional colloidal nanostructures for applications in biotechnology and nanomedicine

Development of organic-inorganic nanocomposites of colloidal nature for theranostics in biotechnology and nanomedicine, in particular for optical imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), nanothermometry, photothermal therapy and photodynamics and investigations on their functional properties.


Surface functionalization of inorganic nanomaterials

Chemical binding of ligands or compounds on the surface of inorganic nanomaterials to confer additional functionality (eg solubility, colloidal stability, biocompatibility, bioconjugation, targeting, sensing, controlled release of substances).